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Sites in the Circle

The Rugrats Circle of Friends is soooo new that there's only a few sites in the circle! 

Rugrats Rule, Those Adorable Twins, and The Littlest Rugrat (My other sites!)
Bianca's Ballet Barre, owned by Bianca
Sarah's Rugrat Pages,
owned by Sarah
Melissa's Rugrat Page
owned by Melissa
Petal's Playground
owned by Petal
Coralie Smith's Zone
owned by Coralie
The Unofficial House of Rugrats
owned by Elj 728
Rugrats, Beanies and More
owned by Megan
Morgan's Homepage
owned by Morgan

Chuckie can't wait to add your sites!

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Please remember that I have no connection with Nickelodeon or Klasky Cuspo whatsoever.   I'm just another Rugrats fan, like you.  All of the titles, logos, and characters on this page are trademarks of Viacom.