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Here are some reasons why you should join the Rugrats Circle of Friends!

Reasons why to Join

Still not convinced that you should join?  Take a look at these reasons why you should. 

1) You'll get your name listed on the Members of the Circle page. 

2) You will receive the special newsletter of the Rugrats Circle of Friends.

3) You get exclusive member info and a special URL to member pages. 

4) You can mail other members of the circle.  After all, you're friends aren't you? 

5) You get to display the special picture on your web site if you have one, letting everyone know that your part of the Rugrats Circle of Friends! 

6) You'll make lots of new friends at once!

7) It's FREE!

Why not join?  There's nothing to loose.  If you do join you'll have lots of fun, make new friends and get to visit Rugrat Friend only pages! 

Why not join?

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