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The Story Behind the Circle of Friends

     "I wish we had more friends," said Chuckie Finster one morning. 
     "Me too!" said Phil and Lil at the same time. 
would be nice to make lots of new friends," agreed Tommy.
     The Rugrats kept thinking about new friends and the thought wouldn't go away.   
     Suddenly Tommy exclaimed, "Let's start a circle of friends on the internet!"
     "That's a great idea!" cried Chuckie. 
     "We can make a list of members and everybody who joined would be friends with everybody else!" added Lil. 
     "If lots of people joined we'd have tons of friends in no time!" Phil put in.   
     "Let's do it!" declared Tommy. 
     And so the Rugrats Circle of Friends was started.  Hurry and join.  The Rugrats are eager to add you to the list!     

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