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Java Script Friendship Quiz

This special Java Script Friendship Quiz will tell you if you really know about friendship on the Rugrats! 

GameQuiz: Rugrats Frienshhip Quiz

How well do you know the friendship on the Rugrats? Take this quiz to find out!
Good Luck!:)

Try to answer6 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. How old is Tommy's best friend? ?

one year
three years
two years
1/2 year

2. Phil and Lil are best friends. So why do they fight all the time?

They're twins who are so much alike, that they argue all the time!
They're not friends at all. Tricked ya!
They hate eachother, but their mom forces them to be friends.
They're cousins and they see eachother too much.

3. Where does Didi's best friend live?

across the street
next door
in the attic
in a different state

4. Chuckie's imaginary friend was named what?


5. Are Stu and Drew friends?

No. They probably don't even know eachother.
They're not friends, they're just brothers.
No. they ahte eachother.
They're brothers and friends. (usually!)

6. What did the babies call the talking doll that Stu invented named Mr. Friend?

Mr. Poopie
Mr. Fufu
Mr. Fiend
They just called him Mr. Friend

7. What is the name of Grandpa Lou's girlfriend?


8.Who is probably Dil's best friend?


9. When did the fight start between Didi and her best friend Betty in "Family Feud"

During lunch
On a trip to the mall
While drinking coffee
After a game of charades

10. This boy was one of the new friends Tommy made at Golden Apple Day Care

"Wise Guy"
"Mr. Bossy"

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